Shop Fabricated Tanks
Shop Fabricated Tanks

We have expertise in design and manufacturing of all types of shop fabricated tanks.

  • Vertical cylindrical Tanks with Conical or Flat Roof.
  • Horizontal Cylindrical tanks with dish end
  • Skid mounted Vertical Cylindrical Tanks
  • Rectangular Tanks (Mixing and Holding tanks)
  • GRP Tanks


- Design & Detailed Engineering (API 650 Code)

- Preparation of Fabrication Drawings

- Procurement of Materials

- Shop fabrication of tanks as per AFC drawings.

- Assembly of Structural – Ladder, handrails, platforms, Staircase etc.

- Hydro Test, All other Non-Destructive Tests

- Blasting & Painting as per project specifications

- Pickling & Passivation (if required)

- Final QA/QC documentation and as built drawings